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Privacy Policy

This policy is subject to This policy applies to all the products on the website. It describes briefly how we collect the data of our visitor and the time duration.

Basic Information Collection

We keep the track of our visitors but it is only to analyze and reshape our services into excellence. We do not keep the IP address but only timestamps, browser, country, city and language details that are easily analyzed through analytics.

Web Beacons and Cookies

We use cookies to analyze the preference and landing pages for visitors and better serve them with content.

The website is solely controlled by and there is no involvement of third party. No one except us will use that cookies and we respect our customer’s privacy. It would not be revealed in any condition in any way.

Why we collect information

It is just for the scrutiny. You will not receive any advertising emails or anything related to it. We collect the data because:

  • To better assist our customers.

  • Soar up the maximization by users.

  • Personalize their experience.

Privacy Concerns

In case you have privacy concerns you can disable the cookies. We do not advise to disable cookies for all sites. You can disable them for single or multiple sites. To know more about disabling cookies contact to your browser documentation.

Accepting Privacy Policy

If you access this website you accept the privacy policy of We change the policies within some duration so visit frequently and stay informed.

If you have still any questions, you can contact us.

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