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how to get 1000 followers on instagram

Getting 1000 followers have never been easy but now you can buy them. You have to do a lot of hard work. Even if you buy followers you have to set an appealing account. The other most important thing is what to post on them and how to tag someone properly. If you want to get 1000 followers within a day or two without any hassle is then buy real, country targeted followers.

3 Simple Steps to 1000 Real and Active Followers On Instagram

Be cautious not to buy from companies and website that give you fake followers by use of bots. It can get your account suspended. They will say it is risk free but believe us they can get you in trouble.

Part 1 – Commence liking photos

The best way to get 1000 followers for free is commence liking all of your friend’s photos. There is possibility people not following you will start to follow you. Go to your timeline and like all the photos.

Liking other peoples photograph on Instagram

Get Liked by liking Others

1. Explore Page

Go to explore page and like the most liked photos. You can do one thing, like the photos that have least likes or not more than 12 likes. This will get you in people’s eyes and some might just follow you.

2. Search for places or people

Look for places or people you are interested in. They best way is use hashtags. If you like Paris search for #eifeeltower, #larousse, #placesinparis, etc.

3. Search with hashtags


Use Hashtags and Filters

Search for photos with most important hashtags. Some of the most famous hashtags are #followme, #me, #photooftheday, etc.

4. Multiple tags

If you do it with multiple tags and like lots of photo, many people will follow you.


When you do these tricks and already has established followers you might create aversion for them. You will hurt your credibility and your loyal followers can unfollow you. This is why we suggest you to buy followers. You will soar your credibility instead of losing it.

2. Commence on Commenting photos

The other thing you can do is commenting on people’s photos. It has been conducted in a survey that commenting will get you more followers than linking random photos.

comment on photos

Comment on others Videos and Photograph

If you have thought of commenting, make it attractive. They will be flattered to follow you if you put a nice comment on their photos. There is no limit but comment at least on 50 photos. You will get 7 followers according to our research for every 50 followers.

You do not have to write essay or long comments. Comments should be short and simple. “Nice Pic”, “Amazing Hair”, etc should be the content of comment. Short comments would work fine.


Do not comment in foreign language. Try to comment in English and they should be specific. You can also buy Instagram comments on your own photographs.

3. Quote Questions

Ask questions on your photograph.

The best way to engage followers is to ask questions. You might get some feedback as well as followers. The best strategy to get more likes is asking questions with clever caption.

Give them short description about your photos. It is better to caption where it was taken in the beginning of the description.

If you have posted a photo that is a bizarre selfie , post it and make your own hashtag #bizzarreselfie. People would like it and you are encouraging others to like your photos.

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