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How to Get Free Instagram Followers

How To Get Instagram followers for Free

Instagram is social networking app used to share photos and videos. There are many websites that offer free followers but none of them work proper way. If you want real followers that will be engaged with you, go for paid followers. There are many advantages of buying paid followers as you can target them within location. If you want free Instagram followers, you can opt for these methods.

1. Research

Research for your followers on instagram

Spend Time on Research

You have to spend time on Instagram to look for the most popular photographs. You have to visit profiles of famous accounts on Instagram to get the idea of excellent subjects which you can incorporate in your profile.

2. Filters

There are most popular filters on Instagram but you have to pick those filters which are most searched and related to your niche.

When you buy followers from us, we carry out this research for you. We promote photos giving you credit which gain you more followers. You do not have to do anything. Sit back relax for some time and we will deliver results within short span.

filters for free followers on Instagram

use Filters and Hashtags while posting

The popularity of the filters changes accordingly with time period.

3. Hashtags

You must use hashtags while giving description of photos. There is no obligation in using hashtags, you can use as many as you want but it has been conducted in a survey that a picture must have minimum 1 an maximum 3 hashtags.

Conduct search for most famous hashtags. Do not use hastags that are not related to your photograph. You might succeed getting peoples visit your profile but that will not benefit you in any way. They will not like your photographs neither they will follow you. You have to be specific while choosing hashtags.

It is not all about the popular hashtags but tags that are famous are used by less people. When you buy followers from us we share incredible photos over our established accounts on Instagram that has over 4 million members mentioning your username.

We use marketing strategies to get you the best followers. If you are on vacation and posted photos of the beach using most popular hashtags like #me, #photooftheday, #followme, etc. will not get you positive results.

If the same photographs are posted with the #summer hashtags you will get the maximum followers.

2. Connect With Other Accounts

Instagram is a network where you can share your photos and videos on other social media networks. Link your account to facebook and twitter.

If you are resident of US, UK or Canada there are 100% chances you will seek 20% of your friends form facebook on Instagram.

sign in your instagram account with facebook

Use other Social Networks

It is much likely half of them would follow you. Do not forget to follow them back.

When you connect your Instagram account with twitter you will seek 27% of your friends. Do the same technique. Follow them and they follow you back.

When you buy followers from us you do not have to follow anyone back. All your followers will be 100% authentic and real.

Following lot of people degrades the quality of your account.

3. Like other peoples photos

Search new profile and like their photographs. This method works but the number of followers you will get would be quite low. You can comment on other people’s photographs that are likely to follow you.

like other people photographs if you want free followers

Like Others and Get Liked

If you have made up mind to comment on other peoples photos, commence with people who post the photographs in same niche (same filters and hashtags) as you post.

There are no restrictions on liking and commenting on other people’s photographs but there you should like about 60 to 90 photos per day and comment on up to 20 photographs.

There is no guarantee you will get the followers or likes but it soar up the chances but if you a title=”Quality instagram Followers” href=”” class=”hyperlink_ref”>buy followers from us, you do not have to hassle and dawdle liking and commenting on other peoples photographs. Keep Calm and watch results.

4. Photo Uploading Techniques

If you want followers on personal account, then there is nothing better than uploading your own photograph. It must be genuine, expressive and these pictures are favorite on followers for Instagram.

Be cautious and never post nude picture, obscure and irrelevant photos. These posts make people to unfollow you.

If you have a brand related product then you should post good images of your products. For personal accounts, it is easy to get followers. You can share photos of clothing, food, traveling, etc. and we have seen that people respond well to these stuff.

1. Scheduling

You have to seek the perfect time to post photographs. Do not post in middle of night. We have conducted a research and the best time to post photos are as follows:

5PM on Monday.

7PM on Tuesday

scheduling for free followers on Instagram

Like Others and Get Liked

Lunch Time on Wednesday and Thursday

Evening or at night on Friday

Morning or Lunch Time on Saturdays and Sundays

You do not want your photos go down and it would be difficult for others to seek them. They should be up for at least a couple of hours.

2. Instagram Photo Editing Tools

photo uploading techniques on Instagram

Use softwares like After Effects and Photoshop

If you have many photos then spread them through days or install tools that allow you post multiple photos like album in facebook.

When you post photo, Edited should appear in its caption.

3. Geotags

geotagged location for free instagram followers

geoTags helps People to Find You Better

If you post photos using geotags, most people who use Instagram geotags while traveling and looking for good placed will seek your profile.

5. Use other accounts.

Put link on other social networking sites. If you have a website, it will benefit the most.

If you buy followers from us, we give you a free SEO package for your website that includes directory submission in PR7 directories, Guest post on high page rank blogs and comments on .EDU and .GOV blogs.

You will not find this service anywhere with followers.

6. Make Stories

If you want followers for free, you have to do everything possible to attract peoples.

Make stories and every photograph should be a part of it. Do not disclose everything in a one go.

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