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What is Directory Submission Service?

Directory submission is a service used to index websites faster and build backlinks. We will submit your website link on PR7 directories targeted by the best keywords possible.

pagerank 7 for directory submission services

Getting a link on PR7 directory (single) alone costs $40 but we do not charge anything. You will get directory submission service with every Instagram product.

Benefits of getting link on PR7 directory.

1. You will have a good page rank for your blog or website.

2. Your website will index faster.

3. Every time you update it, it would be easy for search engine spiders to crawl that page.

4. All the links will appear on MajesticSeo within days.

5. We will target those keywords for your best posts to get keywords on

6. All the links provided b y us will have different IP’s.

7. These links would also appear in Google.

8. All of the links will be “DOFOLLOW”.

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